COVID testing at CWRU

As a PI, I feel it’s important to know how safe my employees are if coming to the campus to work during the pandemic. While CWRU was rather slow to respond in getting on-campus testing set up, they did set up a surveillance testing program and a public website to post the results, which has largely been reassuring. I’ve been keeping track of the results every week for the last few months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is what things currently look like:

As of writing this (the first week of February), the absolute numbers of infected students / faculty / staff in a given week are firmly in the double digits, but thankfully the test percent positivity has been at or under 1%, unlike November & December. Now that the students are back for the new semester, we will see how the pattern may change, but at least the pandemic has felt largely under control here, at least in the broader context of the conflagration of viral spread we’ve been seeing in this country over the past year.