Open Research Assistant Position

Our lab space issues were recently resolved, so I’m now able to spend some of my remaining start-up funds to hire more personnel. I also have a bunch of starts to various research directions, and nobody aside from me to push parts of them forward in various aspects (eg. tissue culture, data analysis, experimental planning). I’m curious to see if I can find a relatively recent college graduate that is interested in pursuing a PhD program, but wants to take a year or two beforehand to gain more hands-on research experience. Well, if so, here’s an open position on the CWRU hiring website that can be applied to (if you’re like me and already a CWRU employee, you may need to open that link in an incognito window since existing cookies can get in the way otherwise).

Recombinastics paper in ACS Synth Biol

Our new paper, describing double landing pad cells and some other nifty tricks or assay configurations you can do with having orthogonal Bxb1 recombinase sites, is now published in ACS Synthetic Biology.

Kenny gets an R21 to study Sarbecovirus receptor interactions

The Matreyek lab is awarded a 2-year R21 grant to study how various Sarbecovirus (ie. SARS-like coronavirus) receptor binding domain sequences correspond to binding and infection with various ACE2 receptor sequences (eg. variants of human ACE2, or sequences of diverse ACE2 orthologs across mammals) to find the rules governing molecular compatibilities between these viruses and their potential hosts. More information here.

ACE2 dependency paper in PLoS Biology

Our paper, entitled “Expanded ACE2 dependencies of diverse SARS-like coronavirus receptor binding domains” (Roelle et al), is published in PLoS Biology!