Mutational Scanning Symposium 2021

The 2021 symposium was held remotely, and videos from roughly half of the talks are posted onto YouTube, at the CMAP_CEGS channel. This includes Kenny’s talk from the workshop portion this year. In contrast to his talk from last year (which really focused on the basic with few specifics), the talk from this year was much more about a specific example fitting into some of those more general considerations (with unpublished data to boot!).

Sarah joins the lab!

Sarah Roelle joins the lab as an RA2, and will be using her years of experience in the CWRU Department of Biomedical Engineering to help Kenny finish setting up the lab, and work with him to get the first sets of independent research projects moving. Welcome Sarah! We are very happy to have you here!

Signed Offer Letters!

Anna and I signed our offer letters to join the Case Western Reserve University Department of Pathology in Cleveland. I’m excited for all of the amazing science I think I’ll be able to accomplish there!