Plasmid Lineages

Recombinant DNA work is integral to what we’re doing here, so I’ve become extremely organized with keeping track of the constructs we are building. This includes having a record of how sequences from two constructs were stitched together to create a new construct. Here’s a network map showing how one or more different plasmid sequences were combined to create each new construct.

[The series of letters and numbers prefixed with G (for Gibson) are unique identifiers I started giving new constructs when it became clear partway through my postdoc that I was going to need a better way of tracking everything I was building. Those prefixed with A are constructs obtained through addgene. Those prefixed with R are important constructs I had built before this tracking system, where I had to start giving them identifiers retroactively.]

Edit 9/1/2020: Even if some of my code / script-writing is kind of haggard, I figure I’ll still publicly post them in case it’s useful for trainees. Thus, you can find the script + data files to recreate the above plot at this page of the lab GitHub.

Directions to the office & lab

1) Enter Wolstein Research Building, and take an elevator from the lobby elevator bank up to the 5th floor. (or take the stairs if you want the exercise). Both the elevator bank and second floor of Wolstein requires keycard access. If you do not already have access to WRB, I suggest talking to the security desk right behind the elevator bank and they should be able to let you through.

2) Take a 45-degree right turn out of the elevator (or 90-degree left turn off of the stairs) through the double doors (see image below)

3A) My office is the second door on the left (Room 5133; see image below).

3B): If looking for the lab, turn right through the double doors next to the portrait of Mark A Smith PhD (see image below).

4) Go straight past the service elevator and turn left once you reach Jim Anderson’s office (see image below).

5) Our lab benches will be directly to your right after the turn. If looking for the TC room, keep going straight until you see room 5103 on the right (see image below).